The UA Future 60 Camp welcomes the best prospects from the Under Armour Association to IMG Academy for a weekend program that includes on-court instruction, skill development, and competition in addition to a variety of off-the-court training sessions with best-in-class trainers from IMG academy.

Level up. You’re the future.

Training techniques, nutrition, mental preparation and competition strategy

More than just a training ground

Compete against the best. Become the best.

King GraceGuard
Cayne WoodlandGuard
Ty DavisGuard
Marcus JacksonBig
Chance MalloryGuard
Montana WheelerGuard
Amari AllenWing
Shon AbaevWing
Shane CherryGuard
Deuce JonesGuard
Vyctorius MillerGuard
Baraka OkojieGuard
Rob DockeryWing
Jayce NathanielWing
Cole CertaGuard
Chase McCartyWing
Ryan MelaWing
Matt GilhoolBig
Anthony BatsonWing
Bryson TillerWing
Deondrea LindseyBig
Jordan ScottWing
Brooks BahrGuard
Andrew CrawfordGuard
DJ JohnsonWing
Brandon BenjaminBig
TJ WilliamsGuard
Kai RogersBig
Derik QueenBig
Emmanuel KangaBig
JT RockBig

Destiny JacksonGuard
Kelis FisherGuard
Gabby ReynoldsGuard
Teagan ColvinGuard
Kamryn KitchenGuard
Addi MackGuard
Markeli Jones-TynesGuard
Destiny LunanGuard
Jaloni CambridgeGuard
Ava WatsonGuard
Kali BarrettWing
Karissa AntoineWing
Ava BlackGuard
Lena GirardiGuard
ZaKiyah JohnsonWing
Ellison GuineyGuard
McKenna MurphyGuard
Taylee ChirrickGuard
Jordan OdeGuard
Summer DavisGuard
Jenna CookGuard
Indya DavisGuard
Nyadieng YiechWing
Gwendlyn McGrewGuard
Zachara PerkinsWing
Bryn MartinGuard
Vanessa HarrisWing
Jaeda WilsonGuard
Ellery MinchWing
Breanna WilliamsWing
Jordan MarshallWing
Jill JekotGuard
Jazzy DavidsonWing
Aniya TrentBig
Angelina PelayoBig


NCAA Live Period

Team and Event Guidelines


  • All athletes participating in NCAA-certified non-scholastic events MUST have an active account in the NCAA Basketball Certification System (BBCS) – Basketball certification.
  • Athletes will use previous log-in accounts that were created and ARE NOT to create a new account. Only athletes that have not previously registered in the BBCS should create a new account
  • A step-by-step guide can be found here Create a BBCS account


  • Prior to coaching in any NCAA certified event, ALL coaches are required to register as a USAB Gold Licensed coach. That link can be found here. USAB Gold License coach registration
  • After obtaining a USAB Gold License, a coach must then log into the BBCS to activate their account at BBCS account activation.
  • Only NEW coaches should create a new account. Previous coaches that have used the BBCS in the past should use their same log-in credentials.
  • For a more detailed guide, please click the following link. Detailed guide to coach registration

For any further questions, please contact the High Major Sports staff or visit the NCAA certification page. NCAA certification page